Police chief on leave after Ovaldi shooting, much criticism for his performance

The shooting took place at Robb Elementary School. The school district to which that school belongs has its own police force. It is headed by Pete Arredondo. The Board is now informed that he has been sent on paid leave.

Since the fatal shooting, there has been a lot of criticism of the police officers who arrived within minutes. It took about 70 minutes before the officers finally confronted the gunman and shot him dead.

Arredondo previously said they were waiting for the class switch and that there weren’t enough heavily armed officers to intervene.

The Texas security chief denied this statement yesterday. He said that the door to the room was open and that the shooter would never have closed it.

On vacation now

Moreover, after only three minutes there will be There were enough armed policemen† “The only thing stopping her was the leader. He put the safety of his clients above the lives of children.”

The school board says it is initially awaiting investigations into the situation by various government agencies. But since there is “still no clarity” on the outcome of the investigations, the board has now decided to send Arredondo on leave for the time being.

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