Police confirm British road sign does not lead to ‘squid game’

  • British police have assured motorists that a road sign on the motorway will not lead to a place where the deadly ‘Squid Game’ is played.
  • The road sign features a sign that closely resembles a popular logo from the popular Netflix series.
  • The circle, triangle, and square logo invite participants to a deadly game of Squid.

British motorists worried that a road sign that would lead them to a place where they were playing deadly “Squid Game” games could easily rest.

Thames Valley Police released in October Tweet Know that the road sign on the highway has nothing to do with Squid Game.

“We can confirm that this tag on M4 Junction 5 does not lead to the Netflix Squid Game series,” the police wrote in a tweet. “Detours are only indicated during road works… Brother!”

Squid is a very popular South Korean Netflix series that premiered in September and is already there Most Viewed Program From the date of the broadcast platform.

The series revolves around 456 people who engage in a series of killer children’s games in order to win a huge cash prize that saves them from debt.

Business card with invitation to Squid game. Photo: Neftlix

The logo on the M4 motorway looks like an image from the display on a business card, Who invites participants to a game. It also looks like a symbol on the floor during a series match called “ojingeo“.

The emblems are also worn on the masks of the pink-clad Squid guards.

The Squid game series is currently breaking all records and is also the inspiration for it All kinds of real life events.

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The program will be available on Netflix for the first 28 days Already watched by 111 million users In doing so he took off the romantic drama Bridgerton,

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