Police consider helping the Middle East from Germany and Belgium in the new riots | right Now

The Dutch police are considering requesting help for mobile units from neighboring Belgium and Germany. Police Chief Willem Wheelers added on Tuesday evening that they could be deployed under the direction of the National Police in new riots. In 1.

Justice and Security Minister Fred Graberhouse said in this broadcast that the Middle East is expanding. This is because it has become evident in recent days that there is a lot of demand for publication by the Middle East, while it cannot be everywhere at the same time.

Den Bosch Mayor Jack Makers announced, Monday evening, after rioters had destroyed and looted his city, that he was conducting an independent investigation into the deployment of the Police and Mobile Unit (ME). He said it took him a long time to be available to help with the riots.

According to Makers, the Middle East has also been active in other cities, such as Helmond, Auss, and Eindhoven. As a result, Den Bosch had to wait.

The Woeleners said In 1 That Tuesday has already been expanded, but it is also exploring whether assistance from outside is possible. He noted that Dutch Middle Eastern units also sometimes operate abroad.

Football fans wanted to help the police

Several groups of soccer club fans offered to call the police on Tuesday evening Help In securing their cities.

Grapperhaus says Tuesday In 1 For his appreciation when citizens speak out against riots and looting, but confirms that the task of maintaining order lies with the police and military police. “Curfews apply to everyone,” says Grapperhaus. Also for supporters who want to help the police.

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Police Chief Wulin said on the show that clear agreements had been made in advance with some fan clubs. He also assured that supporters can express their opinions on the street until 9 pm, and that they can always share information with the police, but that is where their role ends.

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