Police: Girls Network Exploited in Amsterdam, Qatar and Australia (VIDEO)

In Spain, the national police in the province of Barcelona said they have arrested five people involved in an international network of exploiting girls and women in prostitution. The same thing happened in Amsterdam. Women were recruited through social networking sites with false messages about attractive jobs. Many women are said to have been sexually assaulted. Also, some of their customers were robbed.


The police investigation began based on an anonymous tip received on the Spanish police’s special helpline on sexual exploitation.

After investigation, it was revealed that the suspects were operating from Amsterdam and Barcelona. After the women were recruited in Spain, they were sent to cities in Amsterdam, Spain, Ibiza, Qatar and Australia to work in prostitution.

When they traveled outside of Spain, they were ordered to pose as tourists. They were sometimes enrolled in training courses so they could enter with student visas. Before entering the service, women had to provide a series of photos of themselves, which were then used for online ads.


Once in the hands of the organization, women were subjected to severe physical restraints. They were required to be present 24 hours a day and monitored by video cameras in brothels. A fine was imposed for turning off the cameras.

In the Qatari capital Doha, victims were housed in tourist apartments allocated by the organization. There they received only 50% of the agreed amount. According to the police, many women there have been sexually assaulted and robbed by clients there, leaving them broke and completely helpless in the country. They had to enlist friends or relatives to get out.


Women sent to Amsterdam were also tested by a member of the organization resident in that city. He picked up women from Schiphol Airport and took them to a brothel where he directed people to provide them with sexual services. In Amsterdam, women were physically threatened if they threatened to run away from home.

The police operation ended with the arrest of five Spaniards after raiding two houses in the province of Barcelona. During the search, numerous documents, account records and various computer equipment were seized.

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