Police surveillance by private security companies is ‘pending’

Today it was announced the decision to assign two security companies in Suriname the task of monitoring the police I’m waiting situation. This decision was made by the Ministry of Justice and Police after a meeting with the Board of Directors of the Surinamese Police Association (SPB).

The Federal Council indicated that the Constitution and the Police Charter do not provide for the possibility of assigning security companies to police oversight. The Ministry took into account the opinions of the Police Syndicate Council.

It was announced earlier that the companies INPROSER and PPS will provide assistance to the police in surveillance. “During the last period there were fruitful discussions between the Suriname Police Force (KPS) and INPROSER. The corps’ request was for assistance in providing monitoring services within the large Paramaribo.”

The SPB is strongly opposed to the use of private security companies to fight crime. “The security companies are not there to ensure law and order. SPB Secretary Rivellino Ijk told the Surinamese newspaper De Wear Tijd:

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