Polio virus reappears in sewage at Bildowan vaccination companies: ‘It must be stopped’ | Utrecht

The polio virus was again detected in a control system at the Utrecht Science Park in Bildowan. This is the fifth time in four years that the virus has come to light during a check. Mayor Sjord Potters is disappointed and calls on the Bildowan vaccine companies to stop.

Detection of polio virus in sewage system No risk An RIVM spokesman said the study was being conducted on behalf of the Inspector General of Health (IGJ) for Public Health.

do not worry

It is harmless because the sewage system is a sealed and filtered system that inactivates the virus. According to RIVM, it is a weak strain of the oral vaccine and therefore poses no risk to public health. But not everyone is comfortable with that message.

Local parties Bilds Belong, Forza de Bild and Peter de Bild did not confirm this and asked questions about the ongoing issue. They noted that the sewage system in the Pildovan continues to overflow when it rains heavily. Do these companies still own here? In a residential area, they asked.

It also suffered last month During a check. Even then, Potters informed the council, but for the fifth time Anthony van Leeuwen announced that he would be writing a letter to the vaccinating companies about the RIVM industrial estate in Hockland. There are four companies working with polio vaccines.


It is generally not clear how the virus ends up in the sewer each time. “It can come from an observer or staff member who has recently received an oral polio vaccine, from an employee who was unknowingly infected, or directly from a laboratory or manufacturing facility. As with previous discoveries, the origins of this discovery will be explored, ”said a RIVM spokesman.

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The virus was discovered earlier this year in a sample taken from the same well in the sewer system at Ultract Science Park Bildowan.

The strain now discovered after research is called the polio type 1 virus. This strain is used for the production of the oral polio vaccine and is thus a part of.

Various companies are working with the polio virus in the Ultra Science Park Bildowan. Sewage is surveyed every three weeks by RIVM on behalf of the Health and Youth Care Analyst (IGJ). Disclosure notice is not required, however RIVM has informed the Inspectorate about this information as a customer.

severe supervising

Last month, Minister Tamara Van Ark announced Also strictly monitor At four farms in Bildowan that work with polio vaccines. The rules will be tightened, and there will be checks. “The fact that so many incidents have taken place underscores the need,” the minister wrote in a letter to the House of Representatives last month. It’s already happening, a spokesman for RIVM confirms. “Instead of every six weeks, we now do sewage monitoring every three weeks.”

Peter Schlmilch (Forza de Built) is not guaranteed. “This issue is being ignored. We like it more than the mayor’s angry letter. We want it to end. Forza de Bilt, along with other local political groups, has announced that it will ask questions to the council.

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