Political parties get space for their story in Sliedrecht Kiest . podcast

SLIEDRECHT – In the podcast Sliedrecht24, political parties in Sliedrecht Kiest are given plenty of space to explain their electoral programme. Within 45 minutes they can see what they stand for, so the voter can make up an image. The Sliedrecht Kiest podcast will start in January 2022 in the run-up to the municipal elections in mid-March 2022.

The discussion is chaired by Peter Dunk, journalist and editor-in-chief of the online newspaper Sliedrech24. The recordings are in the studio at Sliedrecht24’s editorial office.

The political parties of Slydercht will be contacted shortly for their cooperation. Political parties are free to divide the space granted to them. This can mean that the party chooses, for example, to address ten items, choose to go through the entire program or tackle some of the highlights in detail. They can indicate this beforehand,” explains Dunk. The intention is for both parties to sit down with three people. Dunk: “They are also free to do so. At least for two more people besides the party leader. One of the other two people may be a candidate for an alderman. Anyway, people are eligible to vote in mid-March 2022.”

After posting on the Sliedrecht24 podcast page, political parties may place a link on their political website, for example to share with their members, potential voters or via social media. “It will be their program really, and of course the important questions will not be left out. Above all, it should give a picture of the political parties, what they stand for and their candidates.” Requesting membership or (financial) support is prohibited. The Sliedrecht Kiest podcast is an initiative of the online newspaper Sliedrecht24.

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