Pondy glaciers in all colors of the rainbow

Pondy glaciers in all colors of the rainbow

A warm welcome to any kind of love

The iconic shoe brand Havianas encourages lovers of the flipped flip flops to join the ‘Walk a Mile for Love’ campaign to support the LGBTQIA + community, one of Sydney’s most popular venues.

Havianas Australia decided to support the LGBTQIA + community by decorating the popular Pondy Icebergs Club in Sydney with an 8-color 50-meter rainbow flag to mark Valentine’s Day. As part of launching a new nationwide campaign, the brand invites its fans to take part in the ‘Walk a Mile for Love’ event, which aims to add to Valentine’s Day and support and celebrate diversity, empathy and solidarity.

Before judging someone, it is good to set aside some time to understand what someone has done, what problems someone has had, and how someone sees the world. The new Havianas campaign asks participants to put themselves in the shoes of others.

Last year, the Brazilian brand already took turns with the Rainbow collection, which aims to support broader communication, social content and empowerment through a charity campaign for young people in the LGBTQIA + community. The giant flag at Pondy Icebergs Pond is a powerful expression of support for this community.

Each color of the flag represents the values ​​of LGBTQIA + and celebrates diversity. Since this is the first package created specifically to support this community, Havianas has decided to honor the first edition of this LGBTQIA + flag. It will be the first edition of a long series, but certainly not the last, as the brand strives to release a new edition of this line each year. A symbol of pride, it underscores the freedom of choice, according to Tom Nolan, CEO of Havanaz Australia. “We call on Australians to stop following the obscure black line at the bottom of the pool: the colors of the rainbow at the bottom of the pool from Thursday 11 to Sunday, February 14 indicate that we are free to play here in Australia in a color that suits us best.”

Pondy glaciers in all colors of the rainbow

Proceeds from each pair sold Hawaiian Rainbow go to charities that support the LGBTQIA + community. Havanaz Australia has partnered with Minus 18, an organization in Melbourne that aims to improve the health and well-being of gay youth, promising gender segregation. To date, sales of the Hawaiian Rainbow have already reached minus 18 to $ 50,000.

Thanks to this financial support from Hawaiian Pride, Minus 18 can organize events regularly and provide a free online site to support even more young LGBTQIA + ers in Australia. “We in Havana are very grateful for their financial support because it allows us to continue to organize online events and projects, publish articles and share information. This campaign is a loving tribute to the thousands of young LGBTQIA + youth we work with each week,” said Mika Scott, Director of Minus 18.

Hawaiians makes a broad commitment to the LGBTQIA + community and supports efforts to combat discrimination and promote equal treatment of this group of people. Our commitment to this important cause is symbolically depicted in the Pondy Beach Pool, and it can be followed online with the hashtag #WalkAMileForLove via walkamileforlove.com and social media.

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