Pornfinde turns out to be Colin McRae’s supercar and offers 300,000 euros

An old Subaru recently discovered in a shed in Australia has sold for $ 315,000. The dusty vehicle became a rare parade myth.

Subaru Impressa

In a photo released by auction house Lloyd Auction, we see a sad Subaru Impressa covered in a thick dust. It has the perfect blue shade and the right gold edges, but you won’t immediately think you’re dealing with a rally myth.


Initially, it was thought that the old Subaru would cost about 12,000 euros, but then an expert from IAARS discovered something significant. ICAARS stands for International Classic Automobile Recognition and Appraisal System and this party conducts independent vehicle inspection to ensure the appearance and reliability of a car.

Carlos Science in Colin McRae

Expert discovered that this is not just any Subaru Impressa, but the original World Rally Championship car. This car was never driven in the 90s by anyone other than Carlos Sains (Dad’s father) and Colin McGray. This vehicle is considered one of the most important rally cars.

Collect more dust

In 1996, the blue rally car retired and ended in a shed. Fortunately, this was not messed up and the original 2.0-liter turbo engine was still on the front, coupled with a manual six-speed gearbox. The auction house looks like the car was polished a lot and the perfect stickers were reused.


The rally monster was shot down for 490,000 Australian dollars, which translates to about 315,000 euros. According to Safe House, the Impressa was purchased with cryptocurrency, making it one of the first racing cars to be purchased by an auction house using a digital currency.

Photos: Lloyd Auction

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