Porsche explains why the deal with Red Bull fell through, “The RB19 will be the evolution of the RB18” | GP fan summary

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Today, Porsche gave an insight into the failed deal with Red Bull Racing. Robert Doornbos also spoke. Rotterdam looks at circuits in the United States and points out possible alternatives. He is also looking forward to 2023 and Red Bull is said to be proceeding with the development of the current RB18. You can read this and more in this post GP fan summary.

Porsche on failed deal with Red Bull: “I want to be an equal partner”

Porsche has provided a text and explanation about the failed talks with Red Bull Racing. A deal appeared to be in the works for some time earlier this year, but it never materialized. Read the full article? click here

Most laps in P1 in 2022: Verstappen solid at the top, Pérez behind Leclerc

Max Verstappen has dominated the 2022 season in almost every way. The Dutchman won the drivers’ championship and also celebrated as the Red Bull team became champions with the decision makers. In addition to all the records, he is also leading the standings with the most laps in P1. Read the full article? click here

Doornbos points out better options in the US: ‘They have very special circuits there’

Former Formula 1 driver Robert Doornbos is pleased that the sport is growing in the United States, but hopes that other circuits will be chosen in the future. Next year there will be three races in America and especially the Miami track, Rotterdam is not a fan of that. Read the full article? click here

‘Red Bull heads for RB18 development in 2023, questions about impact of deck regulations’

Red Bull Racing, despite a successful 2022 season, is already working really hard on the car for 2023. Max Verstappen’s RB19 continues to race, mainly due to the fact that the car is already well-assembled and the new regulations are working well so far.. Challenged, do not know a lot of changes. However, there is still a question mark, just as there is a clear point of improvement for Red Bull until 2023. Read the full article? click here

Verstappen is enjoying a winter break with Kelly Piquet, celebrating a friends birthday

After a successful season in 2022, Max Verstappen is now focused on the winter break and enjoying a well-deserved rest. He was present with his girlfriend Kelly Piqué on a special day of an acquaintance. Read the full article? click here

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