Porsche pays $80 million to cheat diesel engines

Photo: ANP

Porsche will pay disaffected car owners in the United States a total of $80 million over the long-running scandal over cheating diesel engines. The German automaker has been accused of tampering with emissions figures from 500,000 cars in the United States. A judge has now approved a $1 million settlement.

Owners of Porsche cars built between 2005 and 2020 can look forward to the money. It comes in at between $250 and $1,109 per vehicle. Porsche previously said she did not plead guilty in the settlement, but wanted an end to the legal conflict. The judge also agreed to pay more than $24 million in attorney fees.

At parent company Volkswagen, a major diesel scandal surfaced in 2015. The car company then admitted that it had tampered with emissions tests on a large scale using cheating software, making diesel cars look cleaner than they actually were. It has already cost the auto company several billions in fines and repair costs.

Tampering with diesel emissions values ​​has also appeared in other car brands. For example, Peugeot and Citroen are being prosecuted in France for a similar crime, and Opel has reached a multimillion settlement in Germany to prevent this.

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