Posts ‘Aquaman 2’ begins quickly with the mysterious work title

By the end of 2018, Aquaman, written by director James Vaughan, was an unexpectedly big hit. It was followed by the DC Extended Universe movie Justice League More than a billion records at the global box office. A sequel will be announced soon at the end of 2022.

That year is fast approaching, so the cameras need to start running fast. According to Discussing Film, filming for Aquaman 2 will begin in the UK this June, and there is a headline: Negro.

Although the work titles often say nothing about the film, Necros, like Atlantis, is an underwater world in DC, but it has a much less stable presence. The so-called “Black City” is led by the tyrant Mongo, whose people live in oppression. In the comics there are fights between Necros and Atlantis.

Aquaman 2 in 2022
Director Van previously pointed out that the second film would have a more horror-like feel to it and that Mongo might play a specific role in it. Incidentally, the spin-off must be done Trench Apparently, we ‘ve heard a little bit about this recently.

The second part is scheduled for December 16, 2022, with Jason Momova back as underwater superhero Arthur Curry or Aquaman.

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