Potential cross-border behavior in NOS Sport

NOS has an independent confidential advisor investigating possible infringing behavior within the NOS Sports division. Many employees reported unpleasant experiences. Experiments from longer and shorter time, told the presenter in a press release. NOS takes these stories very seriously.

After revealing DWDD’s cross-border work culture, broadcaster NOS asked their employees about similar experiences. This inventory should find out, among other things, what the “nature and impact of signals” are and what steps are needed going forward.

Secret advisors

NOS says it “feels a great responsibility to create a safe work environment”. There is, among other things, a NOS Code of Conduct describing behavior and confidential advisors that have been in effect since 2000, both internally and externally. Principals also follow training courses on this topic throughout the NOS.

BNNVARA presenter Matthijs van Nieuwkerk recently resigned after De Volkskrant did extensive research on the infringing behavior behind the scenes of De Wereld Draait Door, the program he presented five days a week between 2005 and 2020.

Interviews with dozens of editors have shown that Van Nieuwkerk constantly intimidates and belittles editors and DWDD staff. Then the long-time leading NPO presenter quit his job and broke off cooperation with BNNVARA.

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