Powerful hockey players blow Great Britain off the field

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Dutch hockey players also won their third match in the Professional Hockey League. In Santiago del Estero, in northern Argentina, coach Paul van As’s team beat Great Britain, just like the last few days. Where the match ended 2-1 for the Orange on Tuesday, it was a convincing and big victory on Friday evening, 6-0.

Great Britain put up a valiant fight early in the game, getting another chance after carelessly disposing of goalkeeper Josen Koning, but soon after, the Orange were firmly in control.

It didn’t take long for the first goal to be scored. Maren Finn got the ball into the circle and with a powerful backhand made it 1-0.

Orange continues

The Netherlands then remained the mother, getting a few more chances and in the end it was Phyllis Albers who took a multi-disc attack to 2-0.

Holland put their penalties together, but only scored again when the ball was stopped incorrectly and then forcefully placed into the circle. Ben Sanders was then in the right place to take advantage of the score, 3-0.

When the signal for the break sounded, the Netherlands had entered the sprint circuit no fewer than 21 times, and Great Britain only twice. The odds ratio was also painful for the British team. The Dutch team had 12 goals on target in the first half, and the British team had twice.

Don’t be complacent

Van As insisted at the end of the first half that his team must not relax and continue on an equal footing. It didn’t quite work out, because the great opportunities didn’t materialize in the third quarter.

In the fourth quarter, he was quickly beaten when Marente Barentsen was on a nice offensive end, thus taking care of the score 4-0. Through goals from Veen and Lidewij Welten, the Orange ran to 6-0.

Thanks to the victory, the orange climbs to the top of the standings. Ranked second, the Netherlands has 9 points from three matches. The Argentine national team, which has already played six times, has 11 points. Tomorrow the Netherlands will conclude a week of hockey in Argentina with a match against their home country. With the win in the normal playing time, Orange is the new leader.

The guys later in action

As night fell, the Dutch would also face Great Britain in Argentina.

National coach Jeroen Delmy’s team is looking for revenge on the British team, because two days ago the Orange lost 3-0 without a chance. Yesterday, Argentina lost after a penalty shootout.

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