Powerful Russian General and Master Spy Duo Operate in Africa Following Prigozhins Demise

Title: Russia Pledges Continued Commitment to Africa Following Wagner Group Leader’s Death

Subtitle: Deputy Defense Minister Yunus-Bek Yevkurov and General Andrei Averyanov assume responsibility for Russia’s relationships in Africa

In the wake of the tragic plane crash that claimed the life of Yevgeny Prigozhin, chief of the Wagner Group, Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister Yunus-Bek Yevkurov and General Andrei Averyanov from the GRU military intelligence agency have emerged as the main organizers of Russia’s engagements with Africa. This development signifies a shift from semi-clandestine operations to more transparent relationships with African nations.

Yevkurov and Averyanov, successors to Prigozhin’s legacy, have been making several trips to Africa to assure countries previously visited by Prigozhin of Russia’s unwavering commitment to the region. In particular, they have met with the remaining Wagner mercenaries in Mali, consolidating their position as leaders within this network.

Renowned for his exceptional negotiation skills, Yevkurov visited Mali and Burkina Faso in early September to reassure local authorities of Russia’s continued support. This visit emphasized Moscow’s determination to uphold ties with its African partners despite the tragic loss of Prigozhin.

Averyanov, on the other hand, brings a significant background in covert operations and assassination to the table. Regarded as an expert in regime security and repression, he is seen as someone who can provide stability and maintain order within the African regimes entangled in Russian interests.

It is worth noting that both Yevkurov and Averyanov are loyal soldiers, indicating that they are not expected to deviate from Russia’s strategic objectives. This loyalty, combined with their solid relationships within the Wagner Group, positions them as pivotal figures in Moscow’s efforts to strengthen its foothold in Africa.

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The reorganization of Russian operations in Africa is entering its initial stages, with Yevkurov and Averyanov assuming roles that entail less autonomy and clearer political leadership. Although the decentralized model employed by the Wagner Group will not be fully absorbed by the Russian Ministry of Defense, it will remain useful for adaptability in addressing local conditions.

Moscow holds significant financial interests in Wagner’s African operations and is keen on ensuring all involved continue to benefit. The hands-on involvement of Yevkurov and Averyanov reinforces Russia’s commitment to securing its economic and political investments in Africa, while seeking to establish more transparent and open relations with African regimes.

As Russia turns the page on an unfortunate incident involving the loss of Prigozhin, individuals like Yevkurov and Averyanov will play a crucial role in shaping Russia’s future endeavors in Africa. With their leadership, the nation is poised to strengthen its ties and further cement its presence on the African continent.

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