PP22: Sea Rock is still a long way from the crowded house

If you see a street musician, pay attention: in nine out of ten cases their song Dont Dream It’s Over is on their set. The song that can never come out of the head no matter how much it destroys will always stand up. In New Zealand, lead player Neil Finn is Paul McCartney due to the stream of hits he wrote in the eighties and nineties – radio hits come and go and perform well here in Pink Pop as well.

Neil Finn was already with Pink Pop in 1980 with his previous band Split Ns. This afternoon, he read the most beautiful audio version of their hit message to my girl song and closed it for the fans by biting I Got You. In 2019 Finn Fleetwood was part of the Mac, so Pink Pop didn’t know him. The crowded house has now become a family business. Finn, a sharp 64-year-old boy, is relaxed and fit. His sons are Elroy and Liam on guitar and drums, senior Nick Seymour on bass and star producer Mitchell Fromm on the keyboard, which is a group of friends. Anyway, the voice is good.

The crowded house creates romantic music for the married couple as they open the dance floor during their wedding, singing along in the traffic jam or clapping on the festival lawn. But, four seasons in one day, temptation, it is better to go home soon, who cares about the classic songs like the weather with you and falling at your feet. Finn electric guitar to acoustically changing great performances. Radio Hit Its Only Natural doesn’t even have time, the set is still rock solid.

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A person with a magnificent white beard is seen by the band in the audience. Happiness everywhere, and he even gets a beer from the band – ‘one, because we only got one six pack’. Neil Finn also appreciates the safety, as he delivers a cup of water from a bucket to the public. The band records the crowd with the Super 8 camera. Crowded house, and the audience is happy with their songs.

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