Praise for Hartmann: ‘I think he’s physically strong’

Quilindshey Hartmann makes a good impression in Feyenoord, according to Robert Maskant. The former coach also saw that the left-back was playing a great match against Lazio. Maskant disagrees that the defender missed the second goal. Hartmann received little support, which gave the Lazio attackers too much space.

Maaskant begins “at the goal, an attacker approaches it and is not supported” Rheinmond. “You walk backwards and there’s twenty yards of space around it. Then you don’t have a chance. That shot always goes on target and Bigelow didn’t get away with it. That would be on Hartmann’s mark, but that’s not the case at all. All Hartmann can do is block.” his opponent and forcing him out, making the corner easier for Bigelow. That didn’t work, because the space was too big for that.”

Maaskant sees Hartmann as a player who can quickly develop into a regular regular in Feyenoord. Hartmann made a good impression. I think he is physically strong. While preparing, I thought it was too loud, but this is a tactical choice. One of the reasons Feyenoord did not get into the construction of the stadium was that their backs were relatively high, and Lazio pressed completely, and therefore their backs could not be reached. Then you have to turn with your midfielders, they didn’t and then you lose the ball.”

Maaskant disagrees that the quality of the new Feyenoord is inferior to last season. Hartmann, Bjorkan and Lopez have yet to reach Terrell Malacia and Idrissi and Delrosson have yet to touch Luis Sinistera’s level. In the opinion of the former coach, these players should not be compared yet. “You have to do a comparison of Sinisterra with Sinisterra that came in Feyenoord, then you have an honest comparison. Sinisterra also received a lot of criticism at first. Malacia is the same. Get the first season of Malacia and compare it with Hartman now. Then you can compare it better.”

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