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From PlayStation 5 It has barely been available since its launch in November. We see a lot of stories about creating artificial scarcity, but that’s just nonsense. It is the result of a huge demand for the PS5 and that means the shares sold out almost instantly as soon as it arrived. In this article we list the latest updates.

to me DigiTimes The Japanese company sold 3.4 million copies in the first four weeks. This makes it the most popular PlayStation device to date. The report claims that Sony plans to increase PS5 production to 16.8 to 18 million units by 2021. Sony would like to use the additional capacity at TSMC to make the chips. AMD is a PS5 chipset designer based on Ryzen and RDNA 2 platform.

VGChartz He writes that nearly 1 million additional PS5 consoles have been sold since the first month and that the number now stands at 4.2 million copies. In contrast, the Switch sold nearly 2.5 million copies, and the Xbox Series X | S represented 2.24 million copies in the same period.

It is still unknown in the Netherlands when the new delivery will be, as all retailers say they know nothing. This is likely because stating the date and time has already caused web stores to stop and overload customer service several times in the past period.

Update 1/14 (10:14) ← Meanwhile, too Mania game He started calling people by pre-ordering. These are pre-orders placed on or before June. According to our information, prepayment was planned for the console and then delivered in the fourth week.

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PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition

Update 01/13 (00:34) ← Something seems to be about to happen again this week. We have received some emails from our readers Ned game Pre-orders for the PS5 Digital Edition that were introduced in early November began shipping on Tuesday, January 12th. According to rumors on social media you will at Mania game That will also follow later this week, but we haven’t yet seen any concrete evidence of that. He says on Twitter, for example, that he still doesn’t know anything about her.

Moreover, both parties still have to deal with a lot of pre-orders, so it is not certain whether a single sale will follow at all in the short term. However, we hope that deliveries will take place more often in the coming period.

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