Pregnant Baby Bregman taken to hospital | to watch

Bregman announced yesterday that he suffers from pregnancy vomiting. She captioned a picture of her resting her head on her daughter Teddy’s lap, looking grim, and wrote, “Every sitting she grabs my hair, kisses me and washes up with all her toys: ‘Till Mama get better soon.”

It now appears that the complaints are so severe that Bregman was taken to the hospital today. Partner Waylon shares a photo to a vlogger in a hospital bed. “Honey… there you are again! I asked you this week if you were jealous of the families on the show full house…your answer was very clear … “Yes, naturally crazy!” This answer plus your current status is the most pregnant thing I’ve ever heard!

Baby and Waylon announced this week that a second photoshoot is on the way. “I want a team with you,” Bregman wrote with a series of photos of pregnant women. Waylon also shared the happy news. “Episode 3… I’m just so proud. Especially for my sweet, strong Baby.

Bregman also experienced vomiting during pregnancy during her first pregnancy. She previously said that she vomited for five months and felt terribly bad.

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