Preliminary list of participants in the 2023 World Cyclocross Championship (Elite Men) | Belgium with a particularly strong selection for Hoogerheide

The elite men’s cyclocross world championships are scheduled to take place on Sunday 5 February in Hoogerheide. It looks almost certain that the match will end in a traditional duel between arch-rivals Wott van Aert and Matthew van der Poel, but of course other men will also be involved. in the leader’s shirt It gives you an overview of who will be starting on behalf of which country.

The UCI is trying to make cyclocross A global sport to raise. on me Site From the organization of the World Cycling Championships, it can be read that the participants are expected to be from thirty different countries at the start (distributed in all categories).

List of participants in the 2023 World Cyclocross Championship – Elite Men

Wout van Aert
Lauren Swick
Elie Esserbet
Michael Vanthornhout
Jens Adams
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Watch Fandebush
Nils Vandeput
Tim Kelish

Tyler Urschel
Michael van den Ham

Marcel Messin
Sasha Weber

Joshua Dubaugh
Clement Venturini
Fabian Doby
David Minot

Hijri return

Czech Republic
Michael Boros
Jacob Reiman
Simon Vanek

United State
Curtis White

United kingdom
Cameron Mason
Thomas Main

David Risberg

Kevin Kuhn
Timon Rouge
Jill Mutiz
Loris Royler

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