Premiere of a movie about Landgoed Sevenaar

The sun shines over the Landgoed Huis Sevenaer, the birds sing. Drone makes great recordings. This is the beginning of the post-seasons movie. It’s time for a new movie about Landgoed Huis Sevenaer. On February 20, 2021, the film premiered during an online event from Musiater in Zevenaar. You can watch this event at:

“Everything is connected”
The title of the new movie about Landgoed Huis Sevenaer is Everything Connected. It has become a movie that strikingly depicts everything being interconnected: soil, plants, animals, and humans. All aspects of the estate were combined. The weakness of the city center location is evident in the movie. It shows the beauty of the landscapes, the buildings and the people who work there. In short, the story of Landgoed Huis Sevenaer facing the future in a weak yet powerful way of what it stands for.

During the event, Jan Terlouw explains why he recorded the voiceover, director Olga Tops gives you an insight into her film days, Adriaan Blokland launches the film, Joyce van Katwijk gives her first reaction to the film, while Anja van Norel looks at the movie with Olaf Klasen and Martin Up. R. Hove returns to the movie, the event, and the preparatory process that the three began as a working group a year ago.

The 50-minute online event was a huge success according to the organization. “Many compliments are grateful for the movie, but definitely also about the explanation that confirmed the hacked message. So we’ll keep the link to the online event about the premiere active for a while so you can also experience the event at home on your PC or TV.”

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