President Biden removes Trump’s “Coca-Cola light button” | abroad

Newton Dan became fascinated by the little red button when he interviewed Donald Trump with a colleague in 2019. Trump jokingly asked if it was the atomic button. Pressing the button, Trump said, “No, no, everyone thinks so. Journalists looked at each other with their eyebrows raised, waiting for what was to come.” “Everyone gets a little nervous when I press him,” Trump said. Then the butler served a glass of chilled coca in the Oval Office.

After Biden was sworn in as President of the United States on Wednesday, shortly thereafter he signed several decrees that reflected the decisions of his predecessor. He announced the United States’ return to the Paris climate summit and halted Trump’s plan to break away from the World Health Organization. And so I lifted this button from the office. This is evident from the president’s first press photos, which show he is working behind the desk, without Trump’s cola box.

From The New York Times It claims that the businessman easily consumes 12 cans of Diet Coca-Cola per day. A few years ago, he wrote himself on Twitter, “I’ve never seen a skinny person drink Diet Coke.”

According to the caterer for the new president, Biden doesn’t like Coca-Cola any more.

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