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Meet Brian Wassink!

I once met at a camping site and in the mayor’s room. This time I had arranged to meet at an unknown location. So unknown that my navigation couldn’t find it. Half an hour late. I have offered my deepest apologies in accordance with good Dutch customs. Fortunately, the apologies were accepted and we quickly engaged in a good, lively conversation.

Jean has a big and rich past in badminton. He was a player and a coach and gave more training. I must have attended one of his refresher courses in the past. He didn’t snatch his colleague’s name from my memory, but Jean’s name was. It was a refresher course for Badminton, ancestor of today’s Bamito.

Jean focused on his work for a while (a lot outside) and then did nothing with badminton there. At that time he noticed that badminton continued to play a role in his life and thoughts. Last July, he saw the vacancy for the head of BNL. This position seemed to suit him at the time and also a position he had not yet held within Dutch badminton.

Since he’s been away from Dutch badminton for a while, the right guy might be in the right place and hopefully also at the right time.

We quickly agree that badminton in the Netherlands should be given the impetus to find its way again. Now things are not going well. The people within the federation are also realizing that things have to change and that things have to happen with badminton in the Netherlands.

Jan explains that a number of projects are being prepared and developed within the Federal Office. He himself is a strong proponent of the hypothesis that badminton is very good for your health. In the Netherlands we are increasingly talking about prevention in health care. Badminton fits in well with this thought. How you can then spread this message through Badminton Nederland needs more details.

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We also quickly agree that badminton has a huge social factor in it. But how you can motivate this from Dutch badminton is a big question. And we can’t find an answer during this conversation. It will depend a lot on the individual associations, how they organize things within their club and what activities they do there. An important role is reserved for coaches.

From this note we automatically come to the coaches’ courses and how it is now done and ranked within Dutch badminton. It’s recently become clear to Jan that the necessary work has to be done here as well. The results of the Dutch youth badminton during the international tournaments show that we will have to work hard not to lag further compared to other countries.

After his appointment, Jan carefully read all kinds of articles from the Union, all kinds of articles from outside the Union and talked to many people. The image he now has of badminton in the Netherlands is not entirely rosy. But as befits a good manager, Jan does not want to dwell on past problems, but wants to see more in the possibilities and solutions in the future. And almost everywhere he met positive people who have a heart for our sport, which provides a lot of perspective. Many would like to make the most of badminton again. This gives him a lot of energy.

However, in my short term future, I saw a problem. I promised my nephew that I would watch the volleyball match. Jan had previously asked if it was time to start the interview. We were so engaged that I lost track of time and my nephew’s volleyball match was about to start. So there was no more time for the many questions that were still on the paper. I hurriedly said goodbye to Jean with the agreement that we hope to meet again soon.

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