Prestigious Netflix Series ‘Cowboy Bebop’ Reviews: Top or Flop?

The Cowboy Bebop got surprisingly mixed reviews in its first season.

Finally, there are reviews of the new, very expensive Netflix series: Cowboy Bebop. There is a lot of pressure on it, especially because it is based on the anime that popularized the genre in the United States.

Unfortunately, the reactions seem to be quite mixed. in a Cowboy Bebop We follow three bounty hunters searching for their bounty in the solar system. But when their past catches up with them, everything threatens to change. You can stream the series from Friday.

Here are some of the reviews that appeared online:

GamesRadar: “Cowboy Bebop is good. Very good. There are a few things that need a little better – grueling fight scenes and some rushing bonus plots – but this is a rare thing: a great remix that hits all the right notes. We can’t wait for more.”

Indiewire: “This will never be what Cowboy Bebop fans will appreciate, but it’s okay. The problem is that’s not going to change either.”

cnet: “It’s one of those rare, successful adaptations of live action movies. Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop is an entertaining, solid first adaption that works well alongside the original series. While every claim is absolutely not true, that’s enough to keep the music going.”

SCMP: “The production design is beautiful, detailed and subtle. From Bebop to the various alien colonies and giant stargates that transport him across the galaxy. But Cowboy Bebop flops in every other way.”

IGN: Cowboy Bebop is a movie adaptation of the classic anime and manages to bring to life everything that fans loved in the original. But unfortunately it also adds some original flavors to the mix, flattening and threatening the entire project. Fortunately, a great trio know with enough dedication to the spirit of the original to make This is well worth the effort.”

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