Presumably, it’s actually worse than it was on The Crown

The second episode in the fourth season of the beautiful Netflix series the crown It is one of the most terrifying dramas to have appeared on TV. If Shakespeare had lived by now, he would have done something like this. Peter Morgan, the screenwriter of the series, should be considered a great artist.

The second episode is called Balmoral test It is located in Balmoral, Scottish Castle The summer residence of the British royal family. Before it stood once – a kind of pomelstein with many towers, built of gray natural stone. Not far from there, the most beautiful whiskey in the world is distilled, and I don’t have to tell fans of Macallan. Also nearby is a property where hundreds of riders walk across the road, because the owner decided that birds should not be shot.

In August, the royals and family head to the Balmoral for hiking, fishing and evening games by the fireplace. Traditionally, the British prime minister and his wife are invited to spend the weekend. In this case, Margaret Thatcher, the first Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, joins her husband Denise.

What happens next in Balmoral is amazing. Between hunting parties and hunting evenings, Thatcher was green and yellow disturbed by the emptiness of the Windsors. From her point of view, they do nothing of value, their conversations are petty and act so annoyed towards strangers that Thatcher decides to leave Castle prematurely and return to Downing Street 10. It’s an insult of course.

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Despite Thatcher’s reaction, who immediately understood each scene and despite the impact of the clash between the two superpowers, I had a feeling that the “Iron Lady” was still short. In fact, Thatcher didn’t speak as slow and lethargic as actress Gillian Anderson shows her. Thatcher was able to put on a fairly high chest and she had it On top of that, weird kind of humor, which also doesn’t come very well. Ronald Reagan called her “the only European ball-bearing leader” for a reason.

This relates to my only criticism, but it touches upon the objection of whether you can deal with live characters this way in a TV series. It doesn’t seem a good idea to me to use you by name and surname as a dramatic character.

It’s an old fact that every drama starts with a lie and you need cheaters and cheaters to keep the story going. After each episode, she pictured how the British Royal Family was looking at itself. Perhaps it wasn’t with much approval, because there is something wrong with nearly all characters on a human level.

Prince Charles, who really looks like the real Prince Charles, is a terrible idiot who enjoys pity for himself and nothing in his complaints is low enough. His mistress Camilla Parker-Bowles, the beautiful Duchess of Cornwall, is a chubby monster who still pisses off a fool of Charles. Lady Dee is always in a panic, or depressed.

Elizabeth II, the crown that everything revolves around, has one ambition: to preserve the crown. This is why you want to sacrifice a lot of humanity. Compared to her, her husband, Prince Philip, is not so bad. Philip is generally described as someone who wouldn’t let anyone outgrow him in real life in terms of rudeness, but in this series he plays – I think it’s makeup – a reconciliatory role.

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In short, apart from the staff, all royal characters are unbearable and obnoxious, and they are incredibly strong, especially against the background of imperial splendor. Presumably it’s all worse in reality than it is in the series (no one appears to be as well educated as screenwriter Peter Morgan), and that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a legitimate request from Oliver Dowden, an episode with a disclaimer that states what the viewer sees is a fantasy .

The question that arises is whether this is the case in all European monarchies and whether we can expect something similar when it is the turn of the Orange House of Representatives. at LuckyTV I’ve seen members of our royals, just wearing penis sleeves, paddle in New Guinea waters, but what Netflix has allowed itself to go further. The British have one The upper lip is stiffBut I would expect a lot of fuss if Netflix takes care of the oranges. the ring Argentina testAbout Maxima’s father, it will undoubtedly become a terrifying TV drama.

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