Prince Andrew: Queen Elizabeth feels an enormous emptiness after Philip’s death

Britain’s Prince Andrew said his mother, Queen Elizabeth, had felt a huge emptiness in her life since her husband Prince Philip turned 99 last Friday. Died. He also said that the whole family suffers from a very great sense of loss.

“The way I see it, we have already lost our nation’s grandfather,” Elizabeth and Philip’s second son told reporters after a church service in Windsor.

The 61-year-old Andrew rarely appears in public. In 2019, a Royal duties Indefinitely after an interview his friendly relationships with sexual assaulter Jeffrey Epstein were much discussed.

Teacher, supportive and critic

Princess Anne, the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, first reacted to her father’s death. “You know it will happen, but you are never quite ready.” The 70-year-old says her father was her teacher, supporter, and critic. She says he was also someone who extracted everything from life and always served. “I especially want to follow this example.”

Princess Anne took over several duties from her father when he “ retired ” in 2017. She says she considers him an “honor and a privilege.”

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