Prince Charming: It’s getting hotter at Dick’s Bar | Women

Men can go on a group date and go climbing in the woods. While wearing the belts, everyone’s “work” is closely watched. Men are especially happy with the Verdi tool. Freddie himself wasn’t too impressed with the other men. On top of that, the climb looks a bit awkward to say the least.


In the evening, men go to the so-called famous penis penis in Sicily. After taking a shot of the glass of the penis, they carefully examined the tape and everything and everyone there. In a later conversation about sexual relations and bed partners, Tommy indicated that he believes that with his 40 bed partners, he is among those with the least “experience.” Marvin points out he’s in Jesen It’s normal to have many partners in bed, but can you describe 40 as few?

The next day, Rick will finally go on that singles date with Marvin. They go paragliding, which is something Rick finds very exciting. He is afraid of heights, but is reasonably tall. With Marvin the take-off is pretty smooth, but Rick just has to get going again. Poor boy. However, that shows the balls!


During the ceremony, two men will have to leave the villa. As everyone saw from miles away, Tommy had to hand over his tie and leave the villa. But what we didn’t expect was that Tim also had to pack his stuff. Rick can survive. Fortunately, as that Eye candy We really cannot miss.

In the next episode we exchange a lot of saliva with each other, especially as Marnix comes out completely. Only Rick seems to have lost it, but we’ll see …

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