Prince Harry: A phone hack ruined the relationship with Chelsea


Since 2004, Prince Harry has been in a relationship with Zimbabwean Chelsy Davy for six years. in his autobiography Memorizes The prince explains the special relationship they have with each other. According to Prince Harry, the collapse of this relationship is the fault of the press. After a series of media circuses and attacks on her privacy, Chelsea pulled the plug. “The royal life was not for her,” she thought. Harry says his and Chelsea’s phones were hacked at the time, and voicemails were tapped by reporters. Prince Harry and about a hundred other celebrities are now suing the Mirror Group over this method of gathering information.

According to Prince Harry, not only his phone was hacked by Mirror Group newspapers, but also thirty people close to him. He and the other plaintiffs argue that the editors of the tabloids knew about the break-in and actively covered it up.

the pirate

In addition to the hacking, the stalking of journalists has made the prince “paranoia”, as his lawyer described it. Reporters are said to have booked hotel rooms on Bazaruto Island, which is where the couple checked out. The media’s meddling made Harry and Chelsea feel insecure. “Harry immediately became suspicious if a name came up in an article about him. He felt he couldn’t trust anyone. And at such a young age.” According to Harry, the couple’s group of friends became smaller and smaller, and friendships were lost.

leaked by the family

The newspaper denies the hack, but has apologized for “illegal information-gathering methods”. They argue that the majority of the information in the articles impugning Harry was obtained not through phone hacking, but through leaks to newspapers by members of the royal family, among others. Harry has often accused his relatives of something in a Netflix documentary and in his book.

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The lawsuit is one of three that Harry has initiated against the tabloid press for hacking into his phone: There are also cases against the sun And Daily Mail. Harry is expected to appear in court next month. This will be the first time in history that a member of the royal family will make a statement in court.

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