Prince Harry is coming to The Hague with Meghan Markle

Next Friday, Prince Harry will come to the Netherlands for the Invictus Games. We knew that. But will Meghan Markle accompany him during his visit to The Hague? We didn’t know that yet.

together to the Netherlands

The English newspaper has learned that Prince Harry will appear in the Netherlands with Megan next Friday woman to report. The couple will be present together at the opening of the Invictus Games in The Hague. A special moment, as this is the first trip outside the US since Harry and Meghan abandoned the royal family in England.

Invictus Games

Prince Harry is looking forward to it, in his beloved Invictus Games. He’s got his orange hat and orange sunglasses and humble dutch vocabulary Dust already – “Good evening” still needs some practice, but regardless.

After the Games were held in Sydney in 2018, the honor went to our City of Playgrounds. A little later than planned. We all know why – The Hague will be the venue for the Invictus Games from 16 to 22 April. And Harry, who really cares about games, is said to be flying to our humble country in the coming days. According to the English newspaper, he does not do it without his lover.

Followed by a camera crew

The pair are expected to arrive in the Netherlands on Friday for their visit to the Invictus Games. According to him, the two were also followed by the Netflix camera crew woman. After the two gave up their royal titles, the pair signed a deal with Netflix and Spotify, among others.

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Nice ride, but insiders question their safety. For example, a former bodyguard in the royal family recently opened a book about Harry and Meghan’s safety during this visit to the Netherlands.


The former police officer, Inspector Ken Wharf, who was guarding Prince Harry and his mother Diana, claims he was “shocked” by Harry’s decision to travel to the Netherlands. The duke has Memorial His grandfather Prince Philip has missed him due to security issues, but he will be heading to the Netherlands next week. A choice that Wharfe doesn’t fully understand. This is a safety issue, because, according to Wharfe, the Duke would have been safer if he went to serve Prince Philip rather than the Invictus Games.

Harry himself would have said that Holland would be safer than his own homeland Great Britain, but that’s confusing, he says daily Mail† A former Royal Police officer claims otherwise. He would go to the memorial with his brother or father and receive security. It’s not like he’s going to get to Westminster Abbey on his bike.”

Wharfe acknowledges that the Dutch police will certainly do everything they can, but this is probably below the UK’s security measures. The Dutch police will conduct their own security assessments and will contact Harry’s private security. But in my opinion, going to the Netherlands to support a charitable organization with a military connection is greater than coming to London.”

But we all know that games are close to Harry’s heart. So we can’t imagine that he will soon be banned from attending the sporting event.

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Source: AD, The Mirror | Photo: BrunoPress

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