Prince Harry talks about his children and the new home

Lilliput, the 10-month-old daughter of Prince Harry and his wife Megan, recently took her first step. Says Harry in the American newspaper People. “Here sits a proud father,” said the British prince.

Harry is currently at The Invictus Games, a game he created at The Hague for mentally and physically injured players and players. Megan went with him for the first few days, but Lilliput and son Archie (2) were home in the United States. The prince can not wait until his children are old enough to take them to the upcoming editions of Invictus Games.

According to Harry, Archie is excited too. “I showed him a wheelchair basketball and rugby video from the Invictus Games in Sydney and he loved it,” Prince said. “I showed that some have no legs and others have invisible wounds. Not because he asked, but I wanted to tell him. The kids understand a lot. I love seeing things with his eyes; it’s unfiltered and honest.”

New house

In an interview with the American NBC news channel Today, Prince Harry said, “I feel very at home in America.” He told presenter Hota Kotte that he had met his grandmother Queen Elizabeth.

“It was so nice to be with her again. We laughed as well as usual. She has a good sense of humor. Megan and I had a cup of tea with her,” Harry said.

The British prince made it clear that it was better for him to live in the United States. “Yeah, this is my house for now, it really feels that way. We are welcomed here with both hands. There is a good community in Santa Barbara.”

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Harry and Megan live in Montecito, an American “county” in Santa Barbara. Their neighbors include Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres. They have a good relationship with both providers.


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