Prince Harry: William and Kate chose a Nazi uniform for me

in his autobiography Memorizes (Which appears in Dutch as Spare) Prince Harry is shedding more grief on his family. Same goes for William and Kate. From a passage from the book, this Page six Will reveals that Harry was encouraged by his brother and then-girlfriend to dress up in a Nazi costume for a costume party. In fact, according to him, they chose the right outfit for him.

Harry wrote that he hesitated between two outfits: the pilot’s uniform and the infamous Nazi uniform. William and Kate call and ask for their advice. “Nazi costume,” Harry wrote. When he put on the costume in front of them, they “both wept with laughter”. “Worse than Willie’s dress (Harry’s nickname for William, ed.)! Far more ridiculous! Which, again, was the intention.”

The Duke of Sussex called the Nazi scandal “one of the biggest mistakes of my life”. Why does he bring it up himself? According to a source additional He did read, Harry “has a strong feeling that William is playing a part in this scandal”.

Historian of the royal family Robert Lacey confirmed this earlier in his book Brothers battle. According to him, Harry felt after this incident, which made him appear in Nazi uniform on the cover the sun And he received harsh criticism, estranged from his family. He also felt that William had “convinced him of his own self-destructive wayward actions.”

before appearing Memorizes Two interviews will be broadcast on TV in the US and UK this weekend with the prince who is at odds with his family.

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Property expert Jeroen Snell was in after watching the documentary on Netflix Harry and Megan Again Team Harry:

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