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PropertyThe Nazi outfit Prince Harry wore as a Halloween costume in 2005 will appear in the new season of Netflix’s The Crown. The news was confirmed by the British newspaper, The Sun.

When Prince Harry was photographed in his Halloween costume all those years ago, the royal family was quick to apologize. However, the British Queen herself first mentioned the incident only a few months ago in the Netflix documentary “Harry + Meghan”. Additionally, the Duke of Sussex claimed in his autobiography “Reserve” that his brother Prince William and sister-in-law Kate Middleton found his outfit hilarious.

“It’s one of the most embarrassing moments of his life,” said an insider. Older generations will no doubt remember the article and photo from The Sun, but for many young people the news came as a surprise in December. The relevant source also said the following. “Harry has made some statements on Netflix about racism in the UK and prejudice within the royal family. So it’s ironic that it was Netflix who brought up the incident.”

emotional scene

This past weekend, some amazing photos of “The Crown” surfaced. LSE students witnessed the shooting of an emotional scene. The pictures show how actress Staunton watches as the Queen while her image is being removed. A little later, she uploaded a photo of her son, Charles. It is not known exactly what the scene is about and the time period in which it takes place. According to the creators of the series, the sixth and final season will take place in the 2000s.

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look. The Crown depicts a scene where the Queen appears to be watching as her son ascends to the throne.

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