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The prince has been waiting for his money for years. King’s younger brother Philip In 2008, he and his foundation, the Global Trust Fund for Sustainable Development (GSDT), invested nearly 50 million euros in a reforestation project in the North African country. However, this project came to a sudden halt, and in the years that followed Libya witnessed a civil war, various regime changes and anarchy.

In 2014 a Belgian court ruled that the Prince’s company could recover the money, but no further action was taken. This raises Laurent’s dismay, as other institutions have been backed by the government in their attempts to recover debt from the Libyan authorities. Laurent wanted him to be paid through the Global Trust for Sustainable Development, but that account was frozen by order of the UN Sanctions Committee.

The Belgian government initially objected to the payment, but this opinion changed after an interview with the minister Of petgum Recently with the curators of the Laurent Foundation. He then said that he asked his colleague from foreign affairs to inform the United Nations that the disbursement could take place by “melting” the money.

The UN Sanctions Committee refused. The Prince’s Foundation is now investigating the decision and whether it can appeal.

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