Princess Laurentien is fed up with the bad reactions to daughter Eloise from TikTok videos | Turns out

Princess Laurentien and her daughter Eloise are very different from each other in some areas. This tells the 54-year-old princess in an interview with Linda. In it she talks about her daughter and son, but also her fears.

Laurentien, for example, speaks at length about her daughter’s TikTok movies. He regularly posts videos, including one that Laurentian and her husband Prince Constantine can also watch. Eloise doesn’t care about unpleasant reactions to this one, but Laurentien, who says she has a different build, does. “I know how obnoxious and fake people can be.”


Laurentien herself used to be less confident than she is now her daughter Eloise. This is why she tries to give her children so much praise, which is something she has experienced very little in the past. Laurentien was extremely insecure due to the lack of compliments. “As a result, I tried my best for a while to hide this uncertainty, to the point of convulsion.”

The son of Klaus Casimir is also discussed briefly. He is now attending a boarding school in Scotland where Prince Charles has also attended. The school was known for a long time by the Spartan system, but according to Laurentian this was no longer the case. “It’s nice to experience how it thrives there. Very special.”

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