Priyanka Chopra had the polyps removed but lost the shape of her nose entertainment

Chopra He suffered from a lump and had to go under the knife. When the attending surgeon tried to remove the tissue, it accidentally damaged the bridge of her nose.

My original nose was gone. My face looked completely different. The actress said in her autobiography, “I’m no longer me.” I felt devastated and hopeless. Every time I looked in the mirror, it seemed to me that a stranger was looking at me. I didn’t think my self-esteem or my self-esteem would recover from the blow. “

According to Chopra, the consequences of the operation had a negative impact on her career. She says that she lost two roles in the cinema that she got after crowning Miss World in 2000, and that she was demoted from the main actress to the actress who got only small parts and some media called her “plastic chopra”.

She wrote, “My career, which had always depended a lot on appearance, seemed to be over before it began.” Despite the surgeries she underwent to restore her nose to its original state, she was accustomed to her face. “When I look in the mirror, I am no longer surprised. I made peace with this slightly different one.”

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