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That could safely be seen as an achievement for a team that could call themselves number 1 in the world on paper, but of course it wasn’t really South Asia. The Dutch national team entered India without everything golden girls From Tokyo, where Orange was crowned Olympic champion.

Many players are excluded due to the approaching EHL commitments at Wagener Stadium. National coach Jamilon Mulders also missed the trip to India for reasonable private reasons. When he was appointed, the temporary orange pope had already indicated that he wasn’t available this weekend.

India lightning start

India had a lightning start in the sweltering Kalinda Stadium. Within a minute, the host team advanced, after Lisa Post received a ball on her foot after nineteen seconds in her circle, because it was difficult to find organization and focus after the start whistle.

Another corner kick came from the first corner, which was skillfully exploited by Ragwinder Kaur in the far corner, after the desperate line stopper Rene van Larhoven (1-0).

Savita is on the way

The Orange team, led by Joost Butterling for the second and final time, were less dominant in the first two quarters than the day before, but still had two good chances before the break: Lily de Noyer forgot to work behind Savita with a superb performance. Moved by Kyra Fortuin (the ball went too far), the Indian goalkeeper then saved a backhand from Stella van Gils with her left hand. Savita is a recognized obstacle in the best international hockey game, in the third and fourth quarters, the guests managed to tighten the bolts very well. That led to eight corners, and the orange had the misfortune that first shooter Yibbi Jansen wasn’t on the field on half the occasions. As a result, the difficult “apartments” designed by Van Laerhoven were highly predictable.

Yebby. one more time

In the eighth and final penalty kick in the Netherlands, six minutes before the end, Janssen was in the ranks. After an early attempt by Monica Malik that actually slipped off the line, the midfielder now pulls the ball hard and straight through Savita’s defense to the ropes: 1-1. The day before, Janssen had already scored. Only once was India dangerous after the break and how. Gurjit, one of the best corner shooters in the world, pushed a ball over the bar.

Despite the green card from Van Larhoeven, the result of the Orange team playing by the number, the last two chances were for the Bitterling team, which deserves much praise. Despite the very short preparation time, the man of the video was originally able to play hockey very tolerably with the inexperienced team. Isis van Loon was twice close to her first international goal, but luck was lacking on the side of the Hamad International Club player.


In the end, it was necessary to participate in the penalty shootout to determine the winner, in a good FIH Pro League to get an extra point. With a little effort, the orange woman was not deprived of this opportunity. Yibbi Jansen scored, in two divisions, Kyra Fortuin, dominant and Marente Barentsen, with a technical spear dive, on behalf of the Netherlands.

On the Indian side, only Navnit managed to score. HDM goalkeeper Julia Remerswal turned penalty shootout killer by nullifying two Indian attempts. After the ball was stolen from Rajwinder Kaur, the bonus point was secured by the defending champion.

fresh accumulation

Due to the absence of the majority of international players and the participation of the young Dutch in the World Cup in South Africa, the Dutch national team in India was as green as the grass. However, there were a few promising players in Bhubaneswar. Van Laarhoven has shown himself as a true leader, Jansen has made great strides, while players like Fiona Morgenstern and Marente Barentsen have high-level growth potential. Pam van der Laan will have to move to a major club as soon as possible. Eighteen-year-old Huizen Promotion Division player is a rough diamond that needs to be polished ASAP, and a player the Orangewomen can enjoy for years to come.

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