Producer Sees Childhood Dream Come True With Heartbreak High Reboot

As a teenager, producer Jeroen Koopman was already a fan of the Australian series “Heartbreak High”, which was a worldwide hit at the end of the last century. Now, more than twenty years later, he and his company NewBe are responsible for the successful reboot of the show, which can be seen on Netflix as of Wednesday. “I’m of course a bit biased, but I’m also a fan of the reboot,” the producer tells ANP.

“So we’re not making it for old fans, although of course it’s good for them to watch as well.”

A reboot of the favorite series from his youth is at the top of his list for Jeroen. The series means a lot to him. “I was 14, something like that, and I lived in Middleburg. I was really a Zeeland boy, and he happened to do figure skating. high heartbreak The coolest and toughest character to have done inline skating too. I wasn’t harsh at all. I just wanted to be like that guy on the show. “According to Erwin, success is behind the original high heartbreak, which ran from 1994 to 1999, shows that a large group of different people introduced themselves in the series. “It was a really dramatic series, especially at the time.”

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Jeroen managed to acquire the rights to the series in 2019 and has produced the reboot with Australian producer Fremantle over the past year. With the new series, consisting of eight episodes, he hopes to be recognized for a new generation “in a similar way”. “So we don’t make it for old audiences, although of course it’s good for them to watch as well. The story focuses on new scenes,” he explains. He has deliberately chosen to tell a new story. “If I repeat something, I feel like it happened once. We’ve now tried to use something new. The common denominator between the old and new versions is the country of Australia. This country is an important component of the original series. You can see that in the new series, which was shot in Sydney.” .Australia is almost like a kid of sorts.”

Because restarting a file high heartbreak It appears on Netflix, and that automatically means a large audience can watch the series. “For us as a maker, that’s the ultimate goal, to be able to reach a global audience,” Koopman says. It is the first English language series he has made with his company, NewBe. “It is positioned as an Australian chain. It is special that this idea originated from Holland.”

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In the new edition, Jeroen and his team raise a number of new global themes. “The topics that matter to the current generation a lot more, like climate, gender, diversity and identity. And of course social media plays a major role. It’s an integral part of this generation,” says Giron.

As a maker, Jeroen is already working on a new season in his head. “But it’s not really something that happens,” he explains. “Let’s do season one first.” However, Jeroen and his team are already working on a different path. “Knowing that high heartbreak It was due out in September, we wanted to get some news in case it was successful. We are working on a new major project that is in full development.”

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The new cast high heartbreak, which can be seen on Netflix starting September 14, consists of Ayesha Madon, James Magus, Chloe Hayden, Asher Yaspinsk and Thomas Weather. The original series was popular at the time in several countries such as Germany, the United States, Mexico and the Netherlands. The show was broadcast in 80 countries.

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