Promoted Orthopedic Surgeon Bart-John Wein

He deserves a pat on the back. Bart-John Wein recently successfully backed up his dissertation on ‘Aging Shoulders’. Enshdier Wein now works as an orthopedist at MST.

Enshot – Bart-John Wein returned to his native soil early last year. One and a half weeks ago, the orthopedic surgeon received his doctorate for a shoulder examination. “Of course it was exciting to defend my dissertation. I had eight years of work in it. You have to defend it in the presence of all kinds of professors. They questioned me for 45 minutes, but it was good,” Wein said.

Wein was born in 1984 and raised in Wierden. Studied medicine at the University of Groningen. In 2013 he began orthopedic training at UMCG Groningen. This is Professor. Ron Dirx, Dr. Martin Stevens and Dr. The process was overseen by Rinko Gorevar. In addition, during his training he was given the opportunity to explore shoulder and sports orthopedics at Deventer and Leverton. “During my training I was more interested in the shoulder. I also wrote a book about it. I went to Australia to learn more about it.

Wein stayed in Brisbane with his wife Loss and three children. “I learned a lot from Professor Kenneth Katbush and Professor Ashish Gupta. It was an inspiration to the whole family and a real adventure: living abroad and working in a tropical environment with excellent surfing beaches nearby. ” Would he like to return to Australia? “The question of conscience. It was a great adventure, but now we’re back in Enshot. “

As the successor to retired Dr. Arias, Veen was able to work as an orthopedic surgeon at MST. “I see a lot of patients with shoulder complaints. What you notice is that they are not easy operations. I learned everything in Brisbane. In Australia they are more advanced in some areas. It also has to do with the fact that they have a lot of private hospitals there.

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The knee and elbow are the joints that Wein operates on, but the most common is the shoulder. According to Wein, not every shoulder problem requires surgery. “We have good cooperation with physiotherapists. Even if the tendons are deformed, surgery is not always necessary. Sometimes you can treat the tendons.

Torn tendons may be the result of a fall or may be due to age and wear and tear. “What strikes me is that many people are hesitant about the prosthetic shoulder. In 70 to 80 percent of cases people can exercise again. Do I do a lot of prosthetic shoulders? Weekly. Wearing is very common. There can be many causes for shoulder pain and it is not always clear what caused it. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. “

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