Protest against water shortage in Iran crushed with tear gas and sticks | Abroad

The farmers protested to the local authorities, who were suspected of cheating on the water. The pipelines will be tampered with, causing the water remaining in the river to move to another area. This may mean that farmers can no longer do their work. Today hundreds of protesters came to Isfahan, not only the farmers but also the people who helped them. According to the Iranian authorities, opponents of the regime also participated in the protests.

After the farmers left, the people remained in the city and, according to the Iranian authorities, destroyed state property. It was also alleged that protesters threw stones and set an ambulance on fire. Riot police fired tear gas and beat protesters with sticks. The Iranian Human Rights Organization said about 120 protesters were being held.

The Iranian government attributes drought and water shortages to a decades-old drought. In July, there were also ongoing protests against the shortage in several places in Iran. This is amazing “The Thirsty Rebellion” The regime responded with tear gas and bullets. According to Amnesty International, several people were killed.

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