“Providing space for water is not for free”

Water is vital, but it can also be extremely dangerous. We’ve tested this firsthand in recent weeks. It is terrible what happened to the inhabitants of Germany and Belgium.

Fortunately, to our knowledge, there are no deaths in the Netherlands. But the disaster that struck Limburg is enormous. LLTB made recordings using a drone. Only in these pictures does the scale of the disaster become clear.

What now? This is a question that has been constantly asked of us in recent weeks. Nobody has an answer for that at the moment. Many politicians and administrators visited the affected areas at the invitation of the LLTB.

Agriculture Minister Carola Skoten was already in southern Limburg on Monday after the disaster to see this drama with her own eyes. We very much appreciate her sympathy and coming! What touched me the most during those visits were all the entrepreneurs who had plans for the future and who now feared for their survival.

We cannot and should not tolerate the damage that is being done now that water is taking up space in the middle of summer

Léon Faassen, Board Member of LTO Netherlands

The question remains: What do we expect from our government now? Admittedly, farmers make room for the river in the winter when needed. We cannot and should not tolerate the damage that is being done now that water takes up space in the middle of summer and flows over our businesses and our plots.

I understand that the Cabinet will meet in mid-August to decide what to do. Here is my call again to help us. We who give the waters space so that the cities downstream do not suffer from floods, demand reparations for the costs we incur as a result and which we cannot insure!

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