PS4 games can become unplayable if the PS4’s internal battery runs out

The PlayStation 4 has a battery-powered internal clock. As with any battery, it can drain or die at some point and there are some concerns about that. The console uses the internal clock, among other things, to give trophies a specific time and date to unlock the lock. This is to prevent players from manually tampering with it.

In addition, it is a way to correctly indicate the time. Another way to check the time is to connect to the PlayStation Network, but if the PlayStation Network can no longer be accessed from the PlayStation 4, the console is unusable. With a clock not running, Lance MacDonald says all stored files will become unusable Twitter.

PlayStation Network can now be accessed by PlayStation 4 for years to come; after all, the console is alive and well. However, these concerns are completely unfounded, given that there is some basis in reports that Sony wants to close the PlayStation Store for PS3, PSP and PS Vita. Not a word has been said about the PlayStation Network for these platforms, so things won’t go that fast.

However, there was a lot of noise on the internet, mainly due to the headline stating that your PS4 is “ unusable ” by default due to running out of battery. There is a solution in many ways. For example, Sony can release a firmware update to counter error messages about the internal clock. It is also possible to replace the battery yourself, although this requires some technical knowledge. Additionally, almost all PS4 games can also be played on the PS5, so in this regard the console is a kind of “life saver” thanks to backward compatibility.

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However, the concerns of the community are understandable, given that there are concerns about how Sony will handle the retention of older content. Bear in mind that all of this is based on a rumor about the PlayStation Store being shut down, which has yet to be officially confirmed. Plus, the PlayStation 4 still has enough life in it, so that scenario definitely won’t happen in the short term.

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