PSV immediately overburdens Ajax with homework

On behalf of PSV, Eric Gutierrez (left) and Xavi Simmons (number 7) fight a fierce battle with Ajax players Edson Alvarez and Muhammed Kudus (right).  Statue of Jos Dobelmann / de Volkskrant

On behalf of PSV, Eric Gutierrez (left) and Xavi Simmons (number 7) fight a fierce battle with Ajax players Edson Alvarez and Muhammed Kudus (right).Statue of Jos Dobelmann / de Volkskrant

It is around 11:00 when Ruud van Nistelrooy and Gus Thiel arrive on the PSV team bus at the Johan Cruyff Arena parking lot on Saturday evening. Til puts a ball in his backpack with difficulty, as a reminder of his three goals in the brilliant battle on Johan Cruyff’s scale, which PSV Eindhoven won 5-3. Fatherly, coach Van Nistelrooy, who made his debut at the highest level, puts his hand on the neck of shadow striker Till, whispering something to him.

life cycleIn his previous life as a top striker, Van Nistelrooy himself received compliments from coaches like Ferguson, Capello, Advocaat and Robson after a hat-trick. The latter gave him another hug. Robson’s warmth is what attracted Van Nistelrooy more than all the coaches he’s had. He played under their leadership, a selfish, obsessed striker who was far more out of character than a sympathetic coach.

This aspect was also visible when the PSV players ran to the branch after receiving Johan Cruyff’s gauge. Van Nistelrooy continued to speak in the central circle and take pictures with a group of excited disabled children.

‘I really enjoyed’

“The beginning of a dream,” said the 46-year-old from Brabant. He didn’t feel any pressure. “Because I have a lot of confidence in the group of players. I enjoyed, really enjoyed. From preparing for the match, discussion, training along the line. The team had everything going for each other. That’s what I am most proud of.

Maybe. Ajax threatened to overtake PSV Eindhoven at home, especially after PSV Eindhoven’s quick and agile Bergwijn hit the ball well into the top corner after fifteen minutes. Ajax looked more dynamic, faster, more confident and more talented than PSV Eindhoven in the first half hour. Makes sense given the difference in budget, in experience as well, although PSV Eindhoven were a little further in preparation due to the approaching Champions League preliminary round against Monaco. But Van Nistelrooy missed Ramalho (who entered) and Mauro in the back, and up front, the quick-witted Madhui Wiki, the former’s tastemaker.

How was young right-back Hoover supposed to stop Bergwijn’s record deal with Wijendal returning as well? What can left-back Max, especially a good attacker, do against Brazil international Anthony? How was the somewhat static central block of Obispo, Tese, Sangare and Firman supposed to do something against the ball-resistant striker Tadic, the dynamic Taylor and the oilman behind her?

However, PSV returned to the match by pressing hard on the opponent’s bruises, as planned in advance by the technical staff. Coveted by Arsenal, and smarter and stronger than Ajax right-back Rench, striker Gakpo began spraying the crosses that Thiel knew how to handle, in part because striker De Jong withdrew to the first post and thus lured Ajax’s most powerful defender Timber away. Scoring twice for Sesame’s header, also due to the poor performance of Ajax goalkeeper Gorter for the second goal.

dread meeting

This goal, shortly before the end of the first half, was a blow to Ajax, who were fortunate that Alvarez did not receive a red card for his elbow in Till’s neck in the heated confrontation. Van Nistelrooy signaled to his team in the first half that they should be less careless with the ball and an hour later he brought Saipari in front of Pakayako who is still somewhat running out. Both strikers played under Van Nistelrooy at Jung Eindhoven last season. A major blow, because the relatively unknown 21-year-old Moroccan Saibari was a plague on the right. Ferman began to get a little more involved in construction.

Ruud van Nistelrooy with his first award as coach of Eindhoven: the Johan Cruyff scale.  Statue of Jos Dobelmann / de Volkskrant

Ruud van Nistelrooy with his first award as coach of Eindhoven: the Johan Cruyff scale.Statue of Jos Dobelmann / de Volkskrant

For example, after Ajax’s first storm after the break, PSV Eindhoven brought the match closer to Anthony’s goal after a superb attack. Obispo searched for luck with a poorly rotated long shot by Gorter, and Gakpo took advantage. Undoubtedly, former striker Van Nistelrooy has pointed out: The young goalkeeper who misses, you have to shoot. Saibari made a nice shot right after Till’s third shot, a crack shot.

not ready. Ajax coach Schroeder introduced a new dose of quality. Kudus, Klassen and Propi. The first took a high ball to his knee and kicked his falling foot into the far bottom corner 3-4. A great goal, but deprived of value because newcomer Bassi who clapped loudly was shown a red card after an overzealous intervention. Substitute Simmons managed to score the final score in stoppage time after one match with Fermann and a clever transfer from poor Gorter.

Dressed in black except for a light blue polo shirt, Van Nistelrooy was following a “strange match” stance, usually outside his training area. He tried to keep his hands in his pants pockets, but they kept coming out to signal or putting them in his mouth.

Ajax homework

He saw PSV not only win the first prize, but he also took “a lot of confidence” to Monaco in the first leg on Tuesday. Ajax was burdened with homework. “You can’t concede five goals,” Schroeder said, but he refused to point out the culprits and would not ask for a new goalkeeper.

Van Nistelrooy was more difficult at this. The second goal was the fault of Sanjari, Benitez’s third new goalkeeper. Then he recalled with jovial eyes how Benitez cut Tadic behind his standing leg after half a minute. Then you think as a team: We feel good today. An excellent start to it.

Also from himself. The former goalkeeper, who himself fell twice for a hat-trick in the ring, runs 1 for 1 again; One match at the highest level and one prize. A smile appeared in his full beard. “I can’t complain, no.”

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