PSV player Ritchie Lydisma (20) recalled and seems to be choosing the USA for sure: “He’s a big talent in North America” ​​| Eindhoven

Richie Ledezma (20 years old) was called up to the United States national football team for the first time. He has already played in the US youth teams and can now compete at the highest international level for the first time.

In the upcoming international period, the United States will play against Wales (Thursday 12 November) and at home against Panama (Monday 16 November). Ledezma could also choose the Mexico national team, because his parents are Mexican. He was born in the southern United States (Phoenix, Arizona), and from there he came to Eindhoven.

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Journalist Daniel Reyes of the Mexican Marca Claro expects that Lydisma has now finally chosen the United States. According to him, the Mexican federation recently tried to convince Lydisma to get out for Andres Guardado and Hector Moreno. “Richie is considered a very talented player on the North American soccer field,” he says.


The Lydisma midfielder made his first internship in PSV in July 2018. He played in his debut match for PSV Eindhoven as a defensive midfielder, but is now at the forefront of Young PSV. PSV appears to be seen as an attacking midfielder. It has developed steadily over the past year and a half. In the winter of the 2018-2019 season, he made the final transfer to Eindhoven, after which Ledisma made his professional football debut at Young Eindhoven in August of last year. There he sometimes showed massive outliers, but his performance was still somewhat erratic.

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Former PSV Eindhoven coach Ad de Moss reacted very positively this week after making his debut in PSV Eindhoven’s first team. “He sees the game well. It would be good that he would develop very quickly if he had a player around him like Mario Gotze who understands him as well.”

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