PSV scores a very difficult win over Sparta during the Goals Festival in the Snow

PSV claimed their first victory in 2021. In snowy Rotterdam, the PSV players were barely 3-5 times as powerful as Sparta, so they could look somewhat calmly at what rivals Ajax and Feyenoord would do against each other in the Sunday afternoon Classic. Any 4 other things popped up?

1. Stir up trouble on yourself
Minutes later, nothing was wrong. Philip Max had put PSV 1-4 and that was the decision, he thought. But Sparta did not give up. Eindhoven often ran into trouble with the game “Dead Play” or “Murder” and it happened on Saturday night. Sparta came back 2-4, PSV Eindhoven got a chance through Malin with a score of 2-5, but in the end, the tension diminished completely as Sparta reached 3-4 from the penalty spot. In the end, it was Malin who brought PSV to safety by scoring 3-5 in injury time. But it is troubling that Schmidt’s team is still working on their own to solve such problems.

2. Searching for depth is the answer
PSV fell early and struggled to control the match. Only by a draw did the people of Eindhoven seem to understand how best to fight Sparta.

Because space was mainly in the depths, behind the defense of Sparta. It was difficult for PSV to build. The team particularly missed a striker who could hold the ball and it was certainly not easy to play soccer on the smooth, icy synthetic turf surface. This is why it was so good for Schmidt’s team to play so much with Noni Madewicki, among others. Not surprisingly, a through ball behind the Sparta defense was the basis for a number of goals, because this is where the space has been.

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3. Schmidt vs. negways
Two people who will not only become friends are PSV coach Schmidt and referee Bas Nijweis. After Wittes-PSV, both gentlemen had already had a discussion about a penalty kick moment, and Schmidt was often heard loudly on Saturday evening when Negues did not whistle – in Schmidt’s eyes – due to a mistake. The flute style Nigues uses is well known: he loves to give up a lot. And that often clashes with Schmidt who wants to protect his players. In the first half, Nijhuis had already finished commenting on the coach’s progress, with Schmidt already giving a yellow card.

4. White or orange ball?
The TV viewer at home will have to watch some moments with narrow eyes during the first half. Despite snow falling on the artificial turf floor in Rotterdam, a white ball was chosen during the first 45 minutes. That white ball was barely visible in the white field.

After the break, the ball was chosen that is always taken out of the cabinet when there is snow on the court: the orange. Above all, it was great for the spectator at home, but PSV did not like the orange ball wrongly either, because within four minutes PSV Eindhoven managed to score two goals and the match was already decided.

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