Public place notifications from now on with Fixi

We will be working with Fixi from October 21st. This means that it will be easier for you to write a report on public places.

You can report on public places in several ways: by phone, via the Fixi app, on our website, or directly on the Fixi website. If you want to file a report via the municipality’s website, you will now end up on the Fixi website.

Here you can see the map of our municipality, both on desktop and mobile, and you can easily view other notifications in our municipality. You can create notifications by registering / logging in or you can create notifications without an account.

Please enter your email address so we can update you on the progress of your report. Your data is of course not public, but we only use it for processing.

For telephone reports, the report is entered by our staff on the same site and your report is also resolved here. You will also be informed of the status of your report by email or phone.

Create notifications with Fixi

You can download the Fixi app on your mobile phone. The municipality requires you to prepare reports using this application, so that they can quickly capture the report as well as solve it correctly. You can monitor the status of the report via the app and still be able to respond to the report once the municipality has dealt with it.

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