Public space management plan for public space management


The municipality of Rieden is responsible for a safe and sustainable living environment for its residents. To achieve this, an integrated management plan for public places was developed. This describes how the municipality intends to deal with the management of public spaces.

Through its integrated approach, the municipality contributes to solutions at the social, spatial and community level and in the field of sustainability and biodiversity. It also allows the municipality to deal more efficiently with budgets.

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In 2020, the Memorandum of the Public Spaces Administration of the Municipality of Rieden was adopted, including ambitions and policy frameworks. These policy frameworks are translated into implementation in a recently adopted management plan. The eleven topics of the management note are articulated in the following objectives and measures: improving spatial quality, increasing safety, facilitating and stimulating tourism and leisure, improving accessibility, stimulating encounters, stimulating physical activity, commitment to society, climate adaptation, stimulating biodiversity, neutral energy In 2040 and contribute to the circular.

Involve residents and entrepreneurs

The municipality of Rieden implements participation with its residents and business people in different ways. Sometimes based on questions and desires in the field of management, but also based on redesign. For example, the necessary climatic measures have been taken in the Daalhuizen Park in Velp and the Rheden municipality of Oranjebuurt in Dieren, in addition to the renovation of the sewage system, rainwater drainage is also treated, works on biodiversity and the use of clinker instead of bricks. In addition, there are currently 450 adopters in the municipality, among others, litter boxes, benches, public green spaces and tree mirrors. This concerns, for example, the maintenance of (small) green spaces in front of the door or large green spaces maintained jointly with the neighborhood (eg De Slnk). The municipality also conducts full consultations with its residents through the “Ik Buurt Mee” initiatives. Agreements and options are discussed and recorded with residents. In addition, the municipality of Rieden is open to initiatives via the Right to Challenge. Residents can “challenge” the municipality and come up with an alternative plan or proposal for management and maintenance.

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Mark Buddle, Alderman Nature, Landscape, and Public Works, is proud of this integrated management plan:

“It is great to see that we can achieve so much more through public space management than just maintenance. We also note that this approach is more in line with the wishes of residents and entrepreneurs. So I think it is great that the Municipality of Reden has chosen this integrated approach to managing public spaces.” .

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