Putin’s party expected to gain a majority in the Russian parliament

The pro-Putin United Russia party won 324 out of 450 seats in the Russian parliamentary elections. This was reported by the Russian Election Commission CEC. This gives the party the expected large majority in Parliament, although somewhat lower than the number of seats in 2016.

United Russia gets 49.8% of the vote against the 225 seats shared by the parties. In addition to the other 225 seats are directly elected by the voters. United Russia candidates won 198 of those seats.


According to the Central Election Commission, that amounts to 324 seats for United Russia. That’s 19 years less than in the 2016 election, but still enough to allow for constitutional amendments.

Three parties that will collectively occupy most of the remaining seats belong to the so-called “opposing the regimeGovernment-funded parties in exchange for their support in Parliament, the Communist Party, the largest party operating independently of the government, gained from 42 to 57 seats.

However, members of the Moscow Communist Party protested the election results:

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