Q&A: “LDODK wants to get to the top of the Korfball League”

What do you think of korfball?

“I have played korfball with the Flamingos at Buitenpost since I was eight years old. As a rookie, I played for the Frisian team and for the Northern Selection. When I moved to Heerenveen when I was eighteen, due to my training at CIOS, I became a member of Blauw Wit (H) These days it’s called KV Heerenveen. I played with this team in the transfer class, which was the second highest at the time.”

“I earned my korfball training diploma from CIOS under former national coach Harry Dassen. When I became a sports reporter for Omrop Fryslân at age 29, I ended my career with the Flamingos in the middle of the week.

Finally, what’s so great about korfball?

“Korfball is an attractive sport, in which men and women can perform equally. You have to be able to attack as well as defend, because you always have to change pitch and work after two goals. The game consists of an attack zone and a defense zone. Thus, the hats are all-round athletes. “.

“It is a non-Olympic sport with NOC*NSF status and due to its mixed character, indoor korfball is on the list to become an Olympic.”

In addition to the Netherlands and Belgium, sports in Taiwan and China are experiencing tremendous development. Germany, England and Portugal are also on the rise. Korfball is a fast-paced, action-packed sport and in the Netherlands korfball is one of the most visited indoor sports in terms of spectator numbers nationwide.”

“The Kortezwaag Sports Center can seat a maximum of 1,400 spectators. The whole hall has been sold out several times in the past, and that says enough about its popularity. They are now looking at even greater new accommodation possibilities.”

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