Qantas Group expects to remove Jetstar-787 aircraft from the desert and retain all A380 aircraft

Australia currently covers its outer borders (except New Zealand), but again domestic travel is plentiful. As a result, Jetstar will return to service on five of the eleven 787s stored in Alice Springs. SYDNEY – They will be discontinued from June on routes such as Cairns.

Alice Springs. Photo: Jetstar.

Qantas A380s
The Qantas A380s are located mainly in another desert, the American Mojave Desert. They will be there for a while, but CAPA Live CEO Joyce said earlier this week that he would like to start using the devices again in 2024, if necessary.

It is clear that the purpose is to re-employ twelve of them, Joyce pointed out. The Australian airline never wanted to get rid of them, but there was talk of halving its A380 fleet. It looks like it’s over now.

“When demand comes back, these are good planes,” said Joyce of Double Deckers. As long as the A380 is on the ground, the Boeing 787 will be Qantas’ flagship. Considering their limited capability, this is the best type to restart international routes early on.

Qantas A380

Photo: Qantas (from archive)


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