Qatar nominated to replace the Australian Grand Prix

The final half of the Formula 1 calendar is still full of holes. After the Japanese Grand Prix is ​​canceled, the sport faces two empty four-week periods. There are currently two “winter periods” among general practitioners in Russia, America and Brazil. However, the empty weekend of November 19-21 left by Australia would have been filled by now.

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Grand Prix Van Qatar

It is rumored that the Losail International Circuit in the oil state of Qatar is very close to confirming the Grand Prix. Established in 2004, the circuit holds the FIA ​​Class 1 license required to host Formula 1 races and has hosted MotoGP since its opening.

However, aside from the old WTCC and one GP2 Asia race, not much has happened in terms of international motorsports. With rival circuits in Dubai, Bahrain and Abu Dhabi all nearby, that may come as no surprise.

Triple head in the Middle East

Should Qatar be confirmed, the final stage of the season will be dominated by the entire Middle East. After Qatar, according to the current calendar, the role of Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi will be.

However, it’s not the same sandbox every time: the open character of Lusail is followed by the narrow streets of Jeddah and the refined Yas Marina, which gives a mix of the two.

the final level

When Qatar is added, F1 could become concerned about the questionable situations surrounding Turkey, Mexico and Brazil. All three countries are on the British government’s red list due to their persistent infection rates. As a result, seven out of ten crews will have to quarantine for ten days upon their return, regardless of whether or not they have been vaccinated.

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Despite its peak in Texas, racing in Austin is not under the same pressure. It seems that the British government only looks at countries as a whole. The United States is not currently in trivial So the Grand Prix is ​​safe for now. However, there is still a lot of work to be done to achieve the promised 23 races.

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